mudstack, do you copy? - Mar. 13, 2023
🛣️ What's new?
  • Right clicking a file or folder in search view will allow you to copy the URL and paste it outside of the app. This will not share the url with people that do not have access to that file. Use this to link an asset in task management or in your team chat.
Even Faster! - Mar. 2, 2023
🛣️ What's new?
  • API speed improvements, loading pages should be much faster
  • File upload is now a single upload bar in the bottom left of the app. No more duplicate files showing on upload. Attachments and versions use this system too!
  • BMP files now have RGBA channel controls
🦗 Bug squashing
  • Clicking back with 2 local directory caused a brain freeze
  • Thumbnails should be generating for uppercase extensions
QoL quick update! - Feb. 23, 2023
This update has some nice quality of life improvements as asked for by y'all!
🛣️ What's new?
  • Show a file in explorer or finder with right click or in the sidebar
  • Uploading assets with the same name and path will upload as a new file version
  • Window will retain position on close and relaunch of app
🦗 Bug squashing
  • Review status decided it wanted more than 15 minutes of fame, and stayed up on local
markdown support! - Feb. 17, 2023
📰 What's new?
  • markdown and is now supported!
🐛 Bug fixes
  • .txt files are now recognized with the proper visualization
mudstack just got a communication degree! - Feb. 9, 2023
👶 What's new?
mudstack wants to expand our communication methods into systems that blend better with current review and status workflows used in game studios.
Thanks to our many requests over the last year to improve some more explicit methods of feedback! This update should meet and exceed those expectations within our app.
🎆 What fun things are we getting?
  • Send
    Review Requests
    to another team member to ask for a formal, trackable review. Quickly see all reviews in the Review tab on the file details page
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 10
  • Change Requests
    gives your team the power to give explicit requests on a task that needs to be done before approval. Made after a review. Assigned to user who made the art. Related to a version of a file
  • Notifications
    is back and better than ever! This will notify users with a host of new trackable events
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 10
  • Commenting
    allows for informal reviews and/or directional guidance on work. Very fast method of review
  • Subscribing
    to a file will now send notifications on any important events to all subscribers
  • You can now
    ) other users in your comments. They'll receive a notification whenever you mention a person
🐜 Bug hunting
  • Uploading files to local directories would not complete
  • Setting thumbnails for files that can't have thumbnail divided the app by zero
⏱️ What's up next?
Local versions
is currently in testing, so expect another update shortly
New Navigation - January 9. 2023
Hey All! We've got some fantastic changes to Navigation based on feedback that will also allow us to build better in the future
🧭 New Nav & Header
The Navigation is organized in a new way for easier access to multiple workspaces within an account. Creating new accounts and workspaces are much quicker to create with this update.
The Header now has workspace information in an effort to bring workspace navigation into 1 consolidated location.
🖋 New Settings menu
Our new settings menu should reduce confusion and allow faster switching of different settings menus between your profile, accounts, and workspaces.
🆙 Uploading files improvement
Uploading will now respect the path of the local directory, so uploading an entire directory, or a file from Local, will now include the relative path and create a folder in cloud. This makes it easier to organize uploads into the cloud from a local directory, and sets us up for local and cloud versions syncing in the near future.
TL:DR Example
Uploading from Local Directory
) to the workspace The Grind will send the file to
in the cloud.
🐞 Bug Hunting
Filters dropdown was a little nervous, so it hid behind the column headers
The filter group bar overstayed its welcome when no filters were selected
If you have a lot of workspaces, the list is now scrollable
Sort should be a bit more stable now, certain orders would get Heisman'd
Attachment uploads should be more responsive
Re-inviting removed users should not need a page reload
Mini Update! Viewer fixes - November 29, 2022
❓ What is this update all about?
The file viewer had a few bug after our last launch, so these fixes should resolve some of those issues.
🐞 Bug Smashing
  • Tags are no longer shy when you ask for them in the search page
  • Viewport shading options right-sized
  • OBJ files render properly
  • The search sorting hat understands all the results
Folder are now in the cloud! - November 14, 2022
🎆 What's new?
Cloud workspace now can create folders!
🎢 What fun things are we getting?
  • Just like local folders, you can now create cloud folders and upload files to those cloud folders. This is the start to the versions and syncing features we are bringing to the desktop app next.
  • We have also improved search speed with how we are loading files into the desktop app.
  • The download modal is streamlined a bit more, and downloading folders from the cloud will maintain that folder structure on download.
🧹 Bug Hunting
Libraries & Tags
  • Switching accounts made libraries discombobulated
  • Uploading from a local directory to cloud after switching accounts actually does something
Known Issues & Future Improvements
  • Better and easier management of folders in cloud are on the way, let us know which features you would like the most on Feature Requests
  • Moving cloud folders and files isn't in production yet, so any organization as of now must be done by re-uploading files
  • Drag and drop of files will get an improvement pass, and the mudstack team may ask for your help on which features are the most important in discord!
Mini Update! Download speed improvements - October 12, 2022
❓ What is this update all about?
We were getting some requests on improving download speeds, so we knocked out a few improvements for it!
🔨 Improvements
  • Improved zip generation speed
  • Sunset grouping options on download, this will be replaced with the sync functionality
  • Give more notification when download request is sent
🐞 Bug Smashing
  • Asset attachments now know they truly belong with all the other library files
Phase 2 is online! - October 5, 2022
Phase 2 Email
🎆 What's coming out?
Phase 2
adds local file searching, tagging, and library creation to the desktop app.
Onboarding  Add Files CTA
🎢 What fun things are we getting?
This feature brings desktop functionality closer to the file generation experience of artists.
Searching locally can really be a bear sometimes, and most artists have multiple disk drives with 100’s of GB (or multiple TBs) of data, which explorer and finder can only search so well. We will improve that.
This new update will have a few new things…
  • New section in the sidebar, called
    Desktop Local
  • Manage a project on your local drive just like you can on the cloud: add libraries, tags, and filter searching directly on a local project
  • Upload files to the Cloud from Local
  • Local Tags and Libraries can be created and passed to Cloud on
    Copy to Cloud
  • Watch managed local files so you can make changes in explorer and have them mapped to mudstack
  • Right click menu is now available in the search page
Folder support in the Cloud will be in an upcoming release.
🆕 Improvements
  • Make toolbar icon colors more consistent
  • Style background for account settings
  • Allow tag creation from
    add tags
  • File names are wrapped now
  • Add add tags and library components in Metadata tab in File Preview Page
  • Improve the UI when searching tags
  • Negative view for a filter with no results
  • Update the word
    in all notification text
🧹 Bug Hunting
Libraries & Tags
  • Library image now realizes aspect ratio is a real thing
  • Library thumbnails will actually appear after you upload one
  • Libraries go to ground if you switch to a new workspace
  • Tag creation outside of the tag page gave us the Heisman
  • Turns out enter and return on a Mac are different, and impacted libraries
  • Tags with the name "" shouldn't be made anymore
  • Libraries are now brought into the filter fold
  • Same with file type
  • Delete and download know when to be active
  • Rows and text should be the same thing when you right click on it
  • Switching focus when searching in filters made the desktop app a little confused
Loading Things
  • Reloading should actually reload the page
  • First run of the application shouldn't move like molasses
  • TGA files should now know how to load
  • Preview file just shows an empty black screen, file doesn’t load
  • Notifications aren't as inconvenient on the file details page
  • Desktop app was confused when it saw anything that ended in ".pdf"
  • File details fullscreen now has an escape hatch
  • Files >2GB car broke down on their way to work
  • Logo in the installer was put in a compressor
General App Things
  • Allow only 1 copy of the app to run at a time
Couldn't have done this without the community feedback, and the amazing devs at mudstack. We are now onto syncing and version control!
If you want a breakdown of the new features in more detail...
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