Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We have a big update in our push to help simplify the current push/pull workflow.
🌞 What's New
  • Fetching will now automatically pull changes, rather than a manual click to pull. If you have any local changes on a file that does get pulled, you will see a
    Fix Issue
    button in the push table (
    Fix Issue
    works exactly the same before this update).
  • Auto-Pull is only "on" for the current workspace you are in.
  • Enable/Disable File Syncing
    is added to the right click menu for files and folders. This replaces the
    sub-menu in right click. The cloud button in the top right of files and folders will now Enable/Disable File Syncing.
  • Enable File Syncing
    on files will download the selected files. On folders, all the files and folders below the selected folder will be downloaded, new files and folders added to that folder will also be downloaded. You will see synced folders as green in the app.
  • Disable File Syncing
    will remove the file from your local drive, but keep it in the cloud. Disabling will not delete local only files and folders; it will only state intent after push.
  • The file watcher can now resolve a missing file as
    Disable File Sync
    . This will remove a synced file from your local storage, but keep it in the cloud. Use this action if you intended to save space by deleting files and folders from the OS explorer.
  • Spinners for loading data in the sidebar.
  • Drag and Drop is back!
    Drag a file directly into a workspace to copy it into the selected location. Dragging folders are not supported yet (unless you want all of its files flattened into the selected folder).
There will be a migration step during the update on existing downloaded files. They will have file syncing enabled on them. Folders are not part of the migration, so if you want those enabled, you must select them.
🦋 Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue where a pushed file may not have it's current version set
  • Double pushing queued items shouldn't cause errors, or unnecessary pulls
😭 Known Issues
  • Creating new local folders won't have file synced enabled if they are inside of a previously enabled folder. Files do not have this issue.
  • Disabling sync on either a synced or a folder that is not synced, but has files/folders that are synced will not remove the parent folder from local storage. If you want to remove the folder, you can do this by deleting the folders from your disk via Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). In file watcher, you will get a warning for a broken folder(s), select Disable syncing to resolve.
  • Local files that haven't ever been pushed will not move when a parent folder is moved by another user.
We are heading toward further streamlining the push and version control system so that sending content to a cloud workspace is even faster. Our Discord has a thread in #ideas-and-feedback detailing our improvements.
As we are heading towards a big push and sync update, we have a few more small fixes to shore up some edge cases around push and pull.
📰 What's new
  • Change color of sync banner to make it more noticeable
  • Download asset files to temp folders on pull. This should provide some extra security on pulling partials and data in general. They are moved out of temp on completion
  • Add diff checks to outdated push records. We can show records in-flight better.
🪳 Bug Fixes
  • Additional fixes for potential errors during push. These should mitigate pushes & pulls that won't complete
  • Fixed uncommitted refresh, select all, and push processing issues
Quick little ux update just dropped! See the changes below.
🌞 What's new
  • Rows in the list view will have lower contrasting alternating rows
  • Added a background to transparent files, it will appear as a checkerboard
  • Drag files out of the app. For any users that need to reference files in photoshop or drop files into blender/maya you can do it directly out of the app! This is only limited to one file at a time.
🌅 What's new
For mapped workspaces, you can now control how mudstack stores versions after they are pushed to the cloud. Unchecking the
Store Cloud
Keep Local
buttons will significantly save space in your workspace by not downloading a safety version in the version store.
Store Cloud
affects all downloaded files
Keep Local
affects all pushed local versions
For any current customers, if you would like to clear some space, click the clean up workspace icon in the actions column. This will remove any current versions in the version store that the
Store Cloud
Keep Local
settings would remove.
Most users doing this should see a massive decrease in total disk usage.
NOTE - the page may take a bit to load initially
In the future, we are planning on giving more tools to purge local versions between pushed versions to save more space on disk.
Other new things include
  • Attachments should generate thumbnails properly
  • Clicking on an attachment will preview it
  • Super large file size support on upload. Files over a certain amount are chunked and uploaded now.
  • Loads of tooltips added (we still have a few more to complete), including seeing the full path of a file in file details
  • Thumbnail updates with current version changes
  • Renaming shouldn't include the file extension
  • Restore and remove all in file watcher, no more clicking an endless sea of files
🪰 Bug Squashing
  • Folders with 0 downloaded files show an errant 0 in file details
  • Pen Tablets Should function properly with annotations
  • File name was missing on change and review requests
  • dragged attachments won't appear twice
  • Renaming without changing text value would not allow you to exit
  • Newly created libraries won't show in filters unless refreshed
  • Push and Pull icon animations were animating inverted sometimes, so we swapped it with a flashing animation
  • Progress bar on upload and download should aggregate total properly
  • Pressing delete while typing would show delete file if one was selected
  • Remove some pulls that would just stay in the pull table
Got a few quick bug fixes up for everyone
🪲 Bug Fixes
  • Discard a soft deleted or restored file will properly send the file back to its original state
  • Fixed a push error that may show a plank right sidebar in the push or pull table
  • Fix search results not showing proper counts on occasion
Here is the first medium sized update for the year! mudstack now has a new trash & delete system
🌞 What's new
  • Deleting files and folders will now send files to the trash
  • The trash is accessible in the filters area
  • NOTE:
    Folders in the trash area only mark the path to the files, so you will see some parent folders you haven't deleted in there.
  • Restore files from the trash
  • Permanently delete files from the trash
  • NOTE:
    Deletions must be pushed if working on desktop
  • Add files button added to search bar (you can add files while in the list view now)
  • Delete key to trash files
🐜 Bug fixes
  • Trash visibility should resolve any items stuck in uncommitted or the push table. To resolve, please permanently delete your trashed files.
  • Folders will be removed properly when deleted (excluding the known issue)
  • Delete folders in web app properly
  • More push table cleanup for items that may just show ids
🤯 Known Issues
  • Folders with filtered files will not have there folders deleted. This will change in the future.
  • Discarding a deletion or restore may not add the file back to your local working directory. We should have a fix for this next week. Simply trashing then restoring the files in mudstack should resolve this.
Hey all! We have another minor update before another decently sized feature launch. Check out the changes below!
📰 Improvements
  • Double click to preview should not put file in working directory if the file wasn't synced beforehand
  • Can now delete all local versions of a file with one action
  • Push/Pull/Uncommit sort date should be modified date
🪰 Bug fixes
  • Properly exit app, we noticed some straggling executables that didn't close properly
  • Fix annotations screen placement if a multi-monitor setup has different resolution screens, toolbar can appear off-screen when displayed on primary display
  • Fix some issues when pushing multiple local committed versions at once using the right sidebar. There is still a version numbering issue when doing this, but the sequence of versions is unaffected.
  • Updating Image on workspace and account should now show the updated image without needing a refresh or restart of app.
  • Some 1st local versions would have
  • Delete folders in web app
  • Web app search fix
💬 Looking for some feedback
I'll be posting some thoughts in the Discord under #ideas and feedback on a new feature we are diving into and would love to hear some feedback!
Got some more UX improvements and cleanup done over the holiday break!
👍 What's New
  • Use local
    created at
    updated at
    dates in cloud
  • Search and Filter Improvements for parent folders
  • Tooltips on hover for top search bar controls
  • Press enter for submit on rename
  • Check for app updates on schedule rather than just on launch (happens 1/hr)
🦋 Bug Fixes
  • We no longer set a file's current version when pushing a version. This should fix some multi-push issues some users were encountering
  • First push of a file and it's first committed version should function properly when the first version committed is not the first version created
  • Install app prompt on web app should state correct text
  • Do not push records w/o a valid current version
Got a small release that should help with Blender users and anyone encountering move issues.
🌞 What's New
  • Improve initial workspace mapping speed
  • Soft delete version has a new icon
  • Ignore .blend1 files when saving a blender file
  • Improve maintaining login
🪰 Bug Fixes
  • Remove working file when pulling deleted files
  • Properly update thumbnails during sync pull
  • Fix Upload progress status
  • Fix soft-deleted fetch from api
  • Clicking the app executable when already running should properly focus the app
  • Fix setting local file status on download
  • Fix checking if workspace is mapped
  • Fix file move from
🧪 Known Issues
  • Moving a file in a local directory that is watched from explorer or finder won't update the view in mudstack until you navigate somewhere else. We should have a quick fix for this shortly.
This update adds Discard changes to the Desktop app.
Discard Changes
button is in the bottom right of the sidebar after selecting changes.
What's new?
  • See your total downloaded files in your local directory in the right sidebar
Tags and Libraries do not sync properly for removals
  • Cleaned up some folder checks for existence in the local db
Bug fixes
  • Uncommitted had some sorting issues
  • Setting a new version from 1 cloud version to another displayed the local id
  • Preview window should stay in front of the app now
  • Update dates would show as a change in the push and pull tables
  • Fix an asset duplication issue where 2 actions were performed in rapid succession
  • Catching some rare workspace deletion issues
  • Handle push errors when non-existing asset (will remove certain push records that always error)
  • Tags and libraries did not sync properly for removals
Known Issues
  • Deleted libraries and tags will show as their id, rather than name in the push table. Discarding a deleted library or tag will retain the original name and metadata.
  • Deleted libraries and tags will also update any references to it. If you want to discard the deletion and references, you must discard the deleted library or tag first then the files.
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