Hey all! We have another minor update before another decently sized feature launch. Check out the changes below!
📰 Improvements
  • Double click to preview should not put file in working directory if the file wasn't synced beforehand
  • Can now delete all local versions of a file with one action
  • Push/Pull/Uncommit sort date should be modified date
🪰 Bug fixes
  • Properly exit app, we noticed some straggling executables that didn't close properly
  • Fix annotations screen placement if a multi-monitor setup has different resolution screens, toolbar can appear off-screen when displayed on primary display
  • Fix some issues when pushing multiple local committed versions at once using the right sidebar. There is still a version numbering issue when doing this, but the sequence of versions is unaffected.
  • Updating Image on workspace and account should now show the updated image without needing a refresh or restart of app.
  • Some 1st local versions would have
  • Delete folders in web app
  • Web app search fix
💬 Looking for some feedback
I'll be posting some thoughts in the Discord under #ideas and feedback on a new feature we are diving into and would love to hear some feedback!