🥳 What's New
  • Added the following to the file menu
  • Send to background
    CMD/CTRL + h
    . This will send the application to the tray.
  • Close
    CMD/CTRL + w
    will close the focused window.
  • When preview window is focused,
    only affects the preview window.
  • When main window is focused,
    closes the application based on your startup settings.
Search improvements
  • Right click ->
    go to file in mudstack
    option is available during a search
  • Double clicking a file in mudstack will open the file
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Mac AutoUpdate fix. This should quit the app properly on update.
  • Mac shortcut keys for window control fixed
  • Aggregated folder types should be comma separated
  • More push edge case cleanup. This should resolve any pushes stuck in progress. Restarting the app or refreshing the commit (click into the commit then click the refresh button to the right of the commit name and description) will resolve the issue.
🧪 For anyone who wants to test
We have a new file watching system in a testing stage that can support larger tasks much better, and resolves some permission issues between the OS and mudstack. By default it is off. If you'd like to try this, read the notes below. 👇
  • If you want to check if it is on you must use a terminal or cmd prompt to launch the app. It will state if the feature is on or off. You will see it as
    Watcher config: {usePolling: true}
  • To turn on the feature, press
    , do the same to toggle off
  • Whenever changing the settings, a restart of the app is required for it to take effect
  • Keep an eye on your cpu, memory, and disk resources during usage and idle times. If you see any numbers that spike high especially during idle, let us know.
For our linux users we also have a build for you! Download it here
  • It is an appimage build of our app. If other format(s) are desired, I'd be interested in hearing which are preferred.
  • It isn't signed, and fairly untested. So expect an alpha-like experience.
  • This is built for every version, and has auto update integrated, so should be notified when new versions are available.
  • If you encounter anything drop it in the bug-reports channel