🍎 What's New
  • When clicking show in explorer on a folder, we will generate that folder in your mapped director
  • clear queues on app exit, should make quitting the app a bit more responsive
  • Some performance improvements to pull queuing when pulling a lot of data.
  • Remove folders after pull
NOTE ON FOLDER REMOVAL - This will be heavy handed on delete actions currently, if you delete all contents from a folder, the folder will be removed as well. We'll have updates in the future to mitigate this.
🪰 Bug Fixes
  • Large hard delete request improvements
  • Reduced timeout occurrences on sync pull
  • Added some more error catching on some edge cases with pulls on existing data
  • Click refresh to remove pending sync commit items that could not self delete
  • Stop creating push records for soft-deleted folders
  • If the workspace was not mapped, you could not remove the folder
  • If the workspace was not mapped, you could not rename a folder