🐣 What's New
  • PSDs and PSBs are now previewable and can generate thumbnails in mudstack!
  • Made push history and search search sidebar more responsive for adjustable right sidebar.
  • New files and versions will generate thumbnails and previews.
📝 PSD/PSB Support Notes
  • Large amounts of PS files imported at once will take some time to generate thumbnails. We are working on making this a multi-process job to help speed it up.
  • For mudstack to generate a thumb, the PSD or PSD must have
    Maximize Compatibility
    checked. This is default on, and prompts you when saving the file.
  • Files with a black alpha channel will show as transparent in the thumbnail and when previewing in app.
🔥 Known Issues
We are going through some updates to some components to be more responsive with the changing sidebar widths. These fixes will be in the next few builds