It begins! - March 18th, 2022
With desktop development well underway, we are ecstatic to show a look into the first major release. Introducing the reimagined asset viewer!
The new asset viewer is here!
With this new viewer, you get so much more room to view the model, more space to view activity, comments, and versions, plus more advanced viewport controls arriving soon!
If you want to get an early look into the desktop app, and help provide some feedback on the upcoming features, you can sign up here for the beta!
🤐 Quiet Improvements
  • Capturing some new data for an upcoming Audit History feature
🐜 Bug Fixes
  • Thumbnails generation knows what to do with its hands
  • Viewport shading is no longer maliciously compliant
  • Search API no longer double taps, good for zombies, bad for APIs