mudstack - Growing Pains - November 4, 2021
Hey y'all! While we are prepping up for some larger releases in the coming months we have also resolved some requests from our community. Below is a synopsis of some of those changes.
🦶 One small step...
  • PSD Support
    is available! Any .psd files previously loaded into our system are now visible in the app
  • Tag Creation
    needed some glasses so it can auto focus on the input field
  • Asset uploads
    should no longer give users whiplash with our new upload flow
🎡 The squeaky wheel got the grease
  • We swear we can spell things porperly, well, except for that
  • You can now see all the users in a workspace, instead of the first few
  • Tutorial videos are now benevolent when you skip through parts of the video
  • You can now escape selection, with an actual key! The escape key to be precise
  • The welcome modal was popping up in unwelcome locations