👶 What's new?
mudstack wants to expand our communication methods into systems that blend better with current review and status workflows used in game studios.
Thanks to our many requests over the last year to improve some more explicit methods of feedback! This update should meet and exceed those expectations within our app.
🎆 What fun things are we getting?
  • Send
    Review Requests
    to another team member to ask for a formal, trackable review. Quickly see all reviews in the Review tab on the file details page
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 10
  • Change Requests
    gives your team the power to give explicit requests on a task that needs to be done before approval. Made after a review. Assigned to user who made the art. Related to a version of a file
  • Notifications
    is back and better than ever! This will notify users with a host of new trackable events
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 10
  • Commenting
    allows for informal reviews and/or directional guidance on work. Very fast method of review
  • Subscribing
    to a file will now send notifications on any important events to all subscribers
  • You can now
    ) other users in your comments. They'll receive a notification whenever you mention a person
🐜 Bug hunting
  • Uploading files to local directories would not complete
  • Setting thumbnails for files that can't have thumbnail divided the app by zero
⏱️ What's up next?
Local versions
is currently in testing, so expect another update shortly