Mudstack - Month of the Backend - December 16, 2021
Hey everyone! This release is going to be a fairly quiet one, but also an important one. Check below to see what was done under the hood!
👀 Invisible Improvements
  • Some significant work went into improving code push processes and adding typescript into our application. This will give us faster turnaround, readability, and bug hunting as our app starts growing larger in size
🐜 Bug Fixes
  • Personal Account invitation limit messages should look like they were written by humans, and for humans
  • Switching to an account with no assets will now no longer look like you entered the white room in the Matrix
  • If you had multiple accounts, the notification count shouldn't be slow on the draw anymore
  • Uploading attachments now no longer make the entire page flinch and refresh
  • Asset settings should now let you know if you try to run away from unsaved changes