Greetings! We have just released some significant improvements to our user experience and navigation revolving around the usage of accounts, workspaces and user profiles.
We’ve also cleaned up some bugs and some improvements on our backend.
Let’s dive in, shall we?
🧭 Navigation Improvement for Account/Workspace/User Profile
  • The old header has been removed! This was done to clean up the user experience of navigating your workspaces, invites and accounts with a cleaner sidebar menu.
  • New Account Menu/Workspace/Profile menu has been created to house any pending invitations to other workspaces, your user profile, the workspaces you’ve created, and your active account.
You have the power to...
  • edit your profile & manage your accounts all in one location
  • quickly create and access workspaces
  • receive notifications on pending invitations
🎥 Image Based Lighting in the 3D Viewer
image (1)
  • The asset viewer has been updated visually to help clearly visualize your asset from initial viewing with the shading mode automatically turned to shaded and with environmental lighting turned on
  • Environmental lighting can also be turned off and shading mode can still be changed
🐜 Bug Hunting
  • If a user doesn’t have permission to create a new workspace, the user could still see the option to create a workspace in the side bar menu. When they tried to click on the button, it would cause an error.
  • After a user updates a workspace’s image, the icon in the workspace selector was not syncing up instantaneously
  • Fixed a bug concerning a discrepancy in the number of licenses and the calculation of what is owed by the licensee
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a user was on the workspace setting page. Choosing account settings from the navigation component would load the assets page.
  • If you viewed an asset, clicked attachments and then click activity, an error would state that the asset type is unsupported
  • Enterprise accounts don't show superfluous information, like an infinite user limit
  • We now load accounts in the correct order
  • Rigs with different joint orientations shouldn't look like monstrosities made manifest (we are still working through more edge cases, so if you see something, send a message out to us!)