Hey All! We've got some fantastic changes to Navigation based on feedback that will also allow us to build better in the future
🧭 New Nav & Header
The Navigation is organized in a new way for easier access to multiple workspaces within an account. Creating new accounts and workspaces are much quicker to create with this update.
The Header now has workspace information in an effort to bring workspace navigation into 1 consolidated location.
🖋 New Settings menu
Our new settings menu should reduce confusion and allow faster switching of different settings menus between your profile, accounts, and workspaces.
🆙 Uploading files improvement
Uploading will now respect the path of the local directory, so uploading an entire directory, or a file from Local, will now include the relative path and create a folder in cloud. This makes it easier to organize uploads into the cloud from a local directory, and sets us up for local and cloud versions syncing in the near future.
TL:DR Example
Uploading from Local Directory
) to the workspace The Grind will send the file to
in the cloud.
🐞 Bug Hunting
Filters dropdown was a little nervous, so it hid behind the column headers
The filter group bar overstayed its welcome when no filters were selected
If you have a lot of workspaces, the list is now scrollable
Sort should be a bit more stable now, certain orders would get Heisman'd
Attachment uploads should be more responsive
Re-inviting removed users should not need a page reload