Reset the Clock! - January 19th, 2022
Welcome to the new year! With the new year comes a big desktop push, so a majority of our improvements will be getting us prepared for that. If you would like to be part of our test releases and feedback sessions for Desktop, head on over to our discord and send us a message!
🧨 Quirk Killing
  • Authentication updates that help users log in on desktop app are now in the app
  • Minor changes to the login page (it's the same, but different)
  • Sessions should last longer, so you can stay logged in
  • Password-less login is now code entry, rather than a link
  • Emails verification is code based now, too
🐜 Bug Fixes
  • Change request label should have the correct orange color
  • Turns out, PDFs may have more than 1 page! Now our app knows that as well.
  • The flyout menu for Edit Profile has the correct route now
  • Asset count actually knows how to add after someone uploads
  • Create workspace modal isn't shy anymore
  • Set thumbnail's camera batteries were replaced
  • The client had some confusion on what workspace it was in, so it now has a GPS