What can be done with the Slack integration?
Certain events within a workspace mudstack will now generate messages in a slack workspace and channel of your choosing
Events include...
  • Add file
  • Add file version
  • Create Folder
  • Create library
  • Create tag
  • Add Change Request
  • Approval comment
  • Add reviewer
  • Make comment
How do I set it up?
  • Create an app for your slack workspace (go here to get started)
  • Set where the integration sends messages to by selecting a channel. You will need a slack workspace admin for this.
  • Send us the webhook url of the bot (click
    button below
    Webhook URL
    ) you can DM Josef on discord or send an email to support@mudstack.com
Slack Step 2
What other integrations are y'all doing?
We will look at other requests for integrations after sync is done, so please upvote or create a new requests for 'em over here We'd love to hear how your team works and how we can fit integrations into your workflow!