We are currently designing a system that will allow users to define and assign pipelines/workflows to specific assets.
This will create a view on the asset where you can see the current stage of an asset, steps required to move to the next stage, and specifically collaborate on individual steps in the pipeline/workflow.
The system will revolve around configurable workflows/pipelines where stages can be named and assigned optional or required steps as best represents the needs of the workspace's users.
An example of step types would be review, version upload, or attachment upload. An example of a stage could be Concept Stage, which has two required steps to be completed: review ("Approval" by assigned reviewers) and attachment upload ("Character Concept" attachment uploaded by whoever is assigned the step).
We will attach some images and mockups of what this process will look like here. If anyone is interested in participating in designing/testing this stuff, just reach out and let us know.